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GrandOrgue is a virtual pipe organ sample player application that is based on the MyOrgan project that was discontinued early in 2009. The original MyOrgan project name and copyright have been given to Milan Digial Audio ( This project is Open Source and released under the GNU Public License v2.

Currently there are a small group of people who have been working with the code and have been able to make some updates. None of us are programmers, so each step of improvement has taken some time to implement. If you need help please post on the Magle Music forum (

I have been able to update the Stop and Piston graphics, and to add some additional wooden backgrounds.  I have also updated the Icons and created a multi-instance version (giving us the ability to run up to 8 instances of GrandOrgue at a time, providing 16 channels of audio output). In addition to that, other contributors have added a Transpose function, and the ability to run GrandOrgue on a small LCD based computer.

For the sourcecode of the project, visit

GrandOrgue 0.2 Beta is now also compiled for Linux, so we present three options for installing and using this VPO software.

GrandOrgue for Microsoft Windows

GrandOrgue for Puppy Linux

GrandOrgue for Debian/Ubuntu Linux

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GrandOrgue old interface:
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